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Carvers Test 2017


POWERFUL CARVING Skiing somewhere between the racecourse and the edge of the groomed, the skis in this category want to be skied hard, fast and down the fall line. In many cases manufacturers have taken World Cup race skis and tuned them so mere mortals can handle the power and edge grip they deliver. If … More »

George’s Gap Year


It’s fun to live vicariously through ski writers and photographers. This season you might just want to take it a step further and join one of them. I don’t personally know anyone, apart from Leslie Woit, who’s skied more places in the Alps than long-time Ski Canada contributor George Koch. As a teenager in the … More »

Crosshairs – Bruno Long


photo: BRUNO LONG * skier: Colston VB * snow: Chatter Creek, BC photo: BRUNO LONG * skier: Colston VB * snow: Chatter Creek, BC as seen in Buyer’s Guide 2017 issue

What Kind of Ski Do You Need?


ALL-MOUNTAIN ALL TERRAIN, ANY SNOW Style: Versatile turns and speeds Waist size: 75-100mm Description: Every run is on your play list, as are a few that aren’t on the map, and you want a ski that can keep up. Something that floats in powder, is nimble in the trees, playful in the bumps, but still … More »

The Start of Something Big

Hut-to-hut touring in Whistler’s Spearhead Range just got a lot closer to reality. Six years after a group of backcountry skiers and mountain climbers from Whistler and Vancouver first approached B.C. Parks with its vision of a high-alpine hut system, Parks has finally given its blessing to the Spearhead Huts Committee that will allow the … More »