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Backcountry Essentials

Dec15 backcountry

Staying safe in the backcountry will always be about making the right decisions. But Mother Nature can be random and make things difficult for our journeys and adventures. When that happens, these products might just keep you alive. by RYAN STUART in December 2015 issue   The North Face Modulator ($1,000; The best way to … More »

A Facelift for Louise

Louise 1 600

North America’s larger ski resorts are often thought of as cash-generating mechanisms for bloodless corporate interests, but in many cases they’re operated by individuals for whom the mountain is something deeply personal. by GEORGE KOCH in Winter 2016 issue Lake Louise, owned by Calgary entrepreneur and former mountain guide Charlie Locke and his family, is … More »

Of Two Minds

Alps 1 600

A week in the Alps for GEORGE KOCH allowed time to explore both Lech and Engelberg. from December 2015 issue Winding towards my beloved Arlberg region of Austria on a bright March afternoon, running my eyes far up and across terrain I’d been dying to ski for the first time in a dozen years, I … More »

Be Your Own Coach

DEC15 Coach 1 600

Being aware of rotation isn’t enough to correct it. Rotation is the result of the skier trying to turn his or her skis. Skis should turn the skier, not the other way around. by Martin Olson in December 2015 issue What direction is your torso facing? Wendy demonstrates one of the more obvious errors that … More »

Ah, Utah!

Utah 1 600

Park City, now the biggest ski area in the U.S., and five other snowy resorts are all within a short drive of Salt Lake City. BY LESLIE WOIT in December 2015 issue When the Mormons hitched up the wagon trains for the journey west to Utah in the 1840s, Salt Lake City winters were harsh, the natives understandably … More »