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Frontside 2017


Sexy has finally made its way into frontside skiing. Groomers and carving may sound staid, but with direct trickle-down from the World Cup and substantial R&D, some of the most exciting developments these days are taking place on the frontside of the mountain. The bottom line: adding weight reductions and easier skiing to firm-snow performance, … More »

Backcountry 2017


The grams keep falling. The quest for efficiency beyond the ski area boundaries continues to push innovation for lighter weights in ski gear without sacrificing performance. Today, a lot of the new technology we’re seeing in all-mountain and big-mountain categories is coming from here. And we like where we’re headed. by RYAN STUART in Buyer’s Guide … More »

If you can’t take the heat …


…get out of the ski industry. With climate change now out of the realm of the theoretical, ski resorts are adapting in different ways. by IAN MERRINGER in the Buyer’s Guide 2017 issue High in the Swiss Alps above Andermatt, crews are getting ready for another ski season. The jobs are many. Straightening a few signs, … More »

Ski testers 2017


TESTERS’ CHOICE With the tape used to mask the topsheets gone, we can reveal our testers’ favourite skis in each category (as well as their sponsors). It’s time to match your own height, weight, style and so on with our Ski Canada Testers to see which skis might be worth a personal demo from your … More »

Backside 2017


Experimentation is where it’s at. From bindings to boots, poles to skis, freeride has always been about trying stuff: tweaking sidecuts and ski shapes; widening and lowering bindings; even making quick-release poles. Anything goes. in Buyer’s Guide 2017 issue QUICK RELEASE Pole straps are great at keeping you attached to your poles, but sometimes that’s the … More »