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Fly or Drive?

Fly Drive

“Don’t be silly! You’d be mad to drive all that way.” _By GEORGE KOCH My friend Matty from Portland, Oregon, was screeching at the news that I was planning to drive from Calgary to Whistler (through the hinterland via the notoriously sinuous Duffy Lake Road of course) for a mere five-day visit to do some spring skiing … More »

Slapstick Skiing

Chaplin 600

‘Douglas Fairbanks insisted that I be initiated into the art of skiing. I always thought it was easy, but oh, boy! I never knew how many knots I could tie myself into!’ Skiers heading to or from major Swiss resorts of the Valais and beyond will soon have a new sidetrip to distract them. Not … More »

Taking it Sitting Down

Sit 1

TWO DISABLED SKIERS TACKLE THE B.C. BACKCOUNTRY AT SELKIRK SNOWCAT SKIING BY Mikey Nixon PHOTOS Steve Shannon What do you get when you send a paraplegic and a lady with MS on a two-day cat-skiing trip together? You get a lot of jokes—terrible ones—told between some of the best ski runs that either of them … More »

On-piste Cruisers Test 2016


HIGH-PERFORMANCE GS-RADIUS TURNS Test day for On-Piste Cruisers last February was a fast one. If you love carving, edge hold and energy, keep reading. This is a category of race, detuned race or high-performance skis that typically shares similar construction, technology and under-boot widths ranging from 68-83mm. At Sun Peaks, the Ski Canada team turned … More »

Alpine Boots 2016

No matter how you cut it, the link between our feet and skis is a critical factor in not only how we perform, but also how we enjoy ourselves. With today’s technological advances, the mantra coming from the manufacturers remains: comfort and performance don’t have to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. BOOT UPGRADES   … More »