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Test 2015 – Expert All Mountain

EAM 1 1200

ALL TERRAIN CRUISING, LONG AND SHORT TURNS Expert All-Mountain skis are designed for aggressive, proficient skiers who rip down groomers, float through powder and cut through trees. With some born from a GS mindset, they have the ability to deliver amplified performance in all snow conditions, allowing you to fully experience the mountain on their… More »

High Performance 2015

High-Performance 550

Developed in white-coated laboratories and tested, and retested, on groomers and hardpack at screaming speeds, High-Performance boards with their GS DNA are for the most demanding skiers. Ride like the pros on these thoroughbreds. from Ski Canada Buyer’s Guide 2015 Laser surgery Stöckli brings World Cup race technology to an all-new Laser High-Performance lineup. The wider… More »

Putting on Airs

BG15 550

from Ski Canada Buyer’s Guide 2015 IN THE BACKCOUNTRY Rather than follow, BD decided to reinvent the airbag packs designed to keep skiers on the surface in an avalanche. Like others, the rugged Black Diamond Halo 28 ski pack has a 200-litre airbag hidden inside and a trigger handle in the shoulder strap, but instead… More »

Test 2015 – Slalom

SL Test 1 500

PRECISE, HIGH-PERFORMANCE SKIS FOR SHORT TO MEDIUM TURNS Slalom skis are short, fast-’n’-furious, high-performance rippers for technical mutants and fearless athletes—and therefore, they’re ideally suited for the small-mountain, riverbank ripper or the ice-pack bump-bobbler. The blender smoothies offer precision and excitement with more sidecut than any other type of ski. Their construction provides greater torsional… More »

What’s Trending

BG15 37 600

from Buyer’s Guide 2015 He said, she said Overheard at Denver’s  2014 SIA trade show: “If that were a bicycle, it would be a $10,000 frame.” Michael Kay talking about Völkl’s BMT chassis. “Duuuuude. It’s legal now. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Next year they’ll be selling it at Walmart.” Some random guy with beady eyes… More »

Test 2015 – The Categories

BM1 600

 Ski Canada Test 2015 reports will begin posting September 15   BIG MOUNTAIN Like the name says—and beyond Our freeride category continues to test the limits, through the trees, under the ropes and more. Big Mountain skis are seen all over the mountain today and on all ages. Manoeuvrability and stability make them popular choices… More »

Head Tax for the Hired Help

“Tourism is the Rodney Dangerfield of the economic well-being of Canada,” Dave Brownlie, Whistler’s president and CEO, joked with me on the phone back in August, “and skiing is even lower than tourism—we just don’t get no respect.” Since a handful of conniving fast-food franchise owners were exposed in the spring abusing the Temporary Foreign… More »

42.4 Gallery


from Winter 2014 issue Ski Canada’s current photo gallery featuring the photography of Henry Georgi at Chatter Creek Cat-skiing, BC; Steve Ogle at Whitewater, BC; Baschi Bender at Chamonix, France; and Bruno Long at Great Canadian Heliskiing, BC

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